ZIMONE is one of the new-school upcoming artists that you should definitely watch out for. He is amongst the DJs that shaped the widely-recognised trademark sound of Carrusel from the early days of the club. A passionate collector of soul, jazz and funk music with perfectionist approach to sound design and music production, you should always expect some great music, if you see him behind the decks with his characteristic and diverse combination of mellow soulful sounds, moody warehouse vibes and dirty, sliced, funky-flavoured rhythm, that quickly wears your dancing shoes off.

EMMA’s style can be described as an elegant mixture of deep and tech elements, infused with a colourful blend of vocals, live instruments, jazz, soul and funk. As one of our main residents, she has played alongside names like Tube & Berger, Purple Disco Machine, Stephane Pompougnac, Eva Gardner, Tony Alones, Stereo Express and many more. Born in a family of devoted music lovers, she grew up with rock and roll, hip-hop, r&b, jazz and funk music, and naturally became the messenger of her own musical journey and interpretation on the club scene.

BOYAN is a well-established name on the Bulgarian club scene. As a multi-genre producer, instrumentalist and DJ, his sound is instantly recognisable because of his signature approach. With deep moving bass lines, lush chord progressions and hard hitting drums, his music is pure pleasure to the ears and an absolute guarantee for an unforgettable night out. He started DJ-ing at the early age of 15 and has already played in all of Bulgaria`s popular venues, making his way to the resident spot of Sofia`s most famous club - Carrusel. His tracks have already been supported by names like Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren , Darude, and his music - released from top labels including Sony Music, Armada, Flashover, just to name a few.

 ANATOLKIN. Anatoli Petrov is a bulgaryan music lover who discovered his passion for electronic music at the age of 15. As a teenager he came across artists such as Marco Zaffarrano, Pascal F.E.O.S , Sven Vath, etc. Later on he becomes a DJ and not long after, he starts producing music, inspired by the many musical genres he is a fan of. Nowadays, Anatolkin has released tracks on some of the best labels, by the likes of Mumble, “Little Helpers”, iTech Sound System, Albarotary, Tupiar Records etc. He is also a part of the Detuned crew alongside Just_Me, Hristo Peev and Watanabe.